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About Police Service Dogs, Inc.

Police Service Dogs, Inc. is a minority woman owned business dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of strong, social service dogs. We are ATF licensed and DEA registered. Therefore, all of our detection dogs are trained with real explosives and narcotics. We specialize in all aspects of patrol, narcotics detection, explosive detection and personal protection dogs.

Our Training Director, Lazaro Cabrera, and Head Trainer, Mario Garcia, personally handpick each dog directly from breeders in Europe. Each dog is carefully selected based on a series of intensive testing to find the best dogs that demonstrate the highest level of performance. Our focus is on providing and training quality K-9s for law enforcement agencies, security companies, the military and the private sector.

In addition to providing top-notch dogs, Police Service Dogs, Inc. also offers personalized training opportunities through courses and seminars offered at our facility in Oxford, Florida, or through training programs hosted by clients at their own facilities. Periodically, Police Service Dogs hosts various guest seminars featuring world-renowned K-9 trainers.

Police Service Dogs, Inc. also offers a puppy program for clients interested in a dog with a specific type of training. Trainers begin working with the puppies when they are eight weeks old, until the puppy is one year old, to tailor the dog for the specific needs of the client. We take a modern approach toward training based on a theoretical and practical understanding of classical conditioning/associative learning and operant conditioning. Our modern approach to training applies the concepts of Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs and utilizes a food-based reward system during the learning stages, as well as a marker system and proper use of electronics.

We strive for excellence and are loyal to our clients. Our prices are substantially competitive and reasonable, and our service is outstanding.